Clinically Proven

StimuCal has been carefully designed, developed and clinically proven to deliver calcium in 100% natural, pure bone protein complex.

The pure bone protein in StimuCal, which the body is able to digest as it would a food, helps to slow the delivery of calcium. As a result, there is a safer, more natural and controlled release of calcium into the blood, rather than dumping an excessive, potentially harmful, load.

Clinical studies have shown that peak blood calcium levels four hours after consuming StimuCal are 50% lower than after consuming the same dose of calcium carbonate or calcium citrate. 7

Safe and Effective

While StimuCal delivers calcium without the spike in blood levels, it makes no sacrifices in effectiveness.

StimuCal was able to supress some key markers of bone turnover, (an indication of effectiveness) by an identical amount to calcium carbonate and calcium citrate after 90 days of continuous supplementation in a randomised controlled trial of postmenopausal women. 8

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8. Musson, D.S., et al., Preliminary study on the role of StimuCal on the growth and differentiation of primary rat osteoblasts cultured in 3D. Bone and Joint Group University of Auckland, New Zealand, 2012.