What you need to know about Calcium Supplementation

You may know that adequate calcium is essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

What you may not know is that too much calcium in your blood can be just as bad for you as too little. Your body works hard to maintain blood calcium levels (also known as the calcium balance) within a very narrow range.

Unfortunately, some supplements upset this important balance by delivering too much calcium to your blood too quickly.

StimuCal has been specially developed to deliver just the right amount of calcium to your blood at just the right rate to help keep bones at optimal levels of health without disturbing the delicate blood calcium balance.

More than a bone story

Calcium is critical not just for the growth and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, it’s also vital to proper functioning of the central nervous system

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A Natural product delivered naturally

StimuCal is not artificially modified calcium. It doesn’t rely on chemical coatings and additives in an attempt to delay the time of release.

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Clinically Proven

StimuCal has been carefully designed, developed and clinically proven to deliver calcium in 100% natural, pure bone protein complex.

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StimuCal – More than Just a Calcium Supplement

There is so much more to StimuCal than calcium. All the components of StimuCal are naturally present in healthy bone and together deliver superior nutritional support for your skeletal system.

Naturally occuring Calcium

StimuCal contains 25% calcium which is embedded within a crystalline matrix for optimal absorption, helping to make bones hard and strong.

Type 1 Collagen

StimuCal is a rich source of type I collagen containing on average 20% of this important protein that has been shown to play a role in the process of new bone formation.

Bone Stimulating Protein

The specialised bone stimulating proteins found in Stimucal have been shown to assist with the process of new bone formation

Trace Minerals

StimuCal contains a range of naturally occurring bone friendly minerals including phosphorous, magnesium and zinc